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What is PTA?

The acronym, (PTA), stands for Parent Teacher Association. We are a local non-profit organization that is made up of volunteer parents, teachers and staff. We strive to build strong relationships between parents and teachers, so that every child can succeed. Parents of students work together with teachers to volunteer in class, raise money for school supplies, and support Stevens Creek Elementary School’s efforts.

A large part of our organization raises funds to pay for special programs and events throughout the school year that brings the community together and enhances a child’s educational experience. Fund-raising can involve sales campaigns, securing the support of local businesses, or bringing in donations from other parents and the community. The goal is to shore up holes in a school's budget and to provide teachers with the supplies and support they need to effectively do their jobs.
We strongly believe that the greater parental involvement in a child’s life there is, helps to promote student achievements and social interaction.

Our Mission & Goals
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